The cylinder mechanism is the heart of the lock itself. A correctly made choice provides confidence in safety, convenience and longevity of work. These devices are called door cylinders or cores. More correctly, they can be called Eurocylinders, since most of them meet the European standard and they are all interconnected, which makes such mechanisms universal.

All cylinders are divided into groups and subgroups:

  • ➤key/key on both sides
  • ➤key/tumbler (turnkey)
  • ➤key/long rod - for doors with a greater thickness of the canvas

Each series has its own features to protect the mechanism from vandalism and its destruction. The more reliable the cylinder, the higher its price.

Cylinder Mechanism

Popular manufacturing brands produce many series of cylinders that differ in security class, number of pins and combination of secrecy.

Sherlock cylinders

  • Sherlock cylinders
  • ➤Price: from UAH 950

Hardlock cylinders

  • Hardlock cylinders
  • ➤Price: from UAH 1100

Apecs cylinders (Apex)

  • Apecs cylinders (Apeks)
  • ➤Price: from UAH 950

Cylinders Fuaro (Fuaro)

  • Cylinders Fuaro (Fuaro)
  • ➤Price: from UAH 550

Mottura Project cylinder mechanism for mortise locks

  • Mottura Project cylinder mechanism for mortise locks
  • ➤Has 6 pins and the secrecy of 115,000 combinations.
  • ➤The cylinder body is protected from drilling with pins made of hard materials.
  • ➤5 basic reversible and 1 mounting brass keys
  • ➤The main advantage of this cylinder is the master key. One key is used for installation by the master, and five master keys are used by the owner. After the first use by master keys, the installation key is invalidated.
  • ➤Price: from UAH 1,700