One-and-a-half (double-leaf) entrance doors

Order one and a half entrance doors from the manufacturer in Kyiv and the region. We manufacture two-leaf and two-leaf variants of door blocks. Metal front door with overlays.

One-and-a-half entrance doors are designed for wide entrances. Such entrance doors are actually two-leaf doors, but with leaves of different widths. Entrance doors are used in an apartment, a private house, a cottage and in offices, where mainly only a wide leaf is used, and the other opens when you need to carry bulky items. Installation of such entrance metal doors under painting or with MDF overlays is the most optimal option. Entrance one and a half (double) armored doors have non-standard dimensions. And the Loft-dveri company is engaged in the production of doors of non-standard sizes. The price depends on the materials used, the installed accessories and the applied technologies: for example, if one and a half (double) doors are needed in a private house, then the overlays must be made of moisture-resistant mdf under a vinorit film and be at least 16 mm thick. Also, the frame and canvas must be insulated or made with a thermal break. We manufacture entrance metal doors of any complexity and configuration. This is why the price fluctuates.

Entrance metal doors with MDF overlays for interior spaces (apartments, offices)

Metal entrance doors with MDF overlays for interior spaces (apartments, offices)

  • ➤Size: 2040*1200 ( production of any size !!! )
  • ➤Construction: frame made of a profile pipe 40x25 porch 40x25 canvas 40x25
  • ➤Metal sheet: 1.5 mm
  • ➤Hinges: 4 pcs d 20 mm on a ball
  • ➤Protection of crossbars, stiffeners, anti cuts
  • ➤Filling canvas: mineral wool
  • ➤External finishing: MDF (PVC film) 10 mm (color and pattern according to the catalog)
  • ➤Internal finishing: MDF (PVC film) 10 mm (color and pattern according to the catalog or according to the customer’s individual sketch)
  • ➤Top lock: KALE 257 L safe
  • ➤Lower lock: KALE 252 R under euro cylinder
  • ➤Cylinder: 35x35 cl/tumbler
  • ➤Accessories: a handle on a rosette, an armored cover, an eyelet, a seal, pins
  • ➤Slats: MDF (PVC film) 10 mm
  • ➤Delivery in Kyiv, disassembly, assembly - UAH 3,000
  • ➤Manual door lifting from UAH 150/floor
  • ➤Delivery outside Kyiv UAH 20 per 1 km one way
  • ➤There is also an additional option for the entrance metal door at the request of the customer - a threshold made of stainless steel welded profile pipe: +2000 UAH

We will make metal doors according to the individual dimensions of the customer. We will make any configuration you need in a short time. Any: locks from expensive to budget, finish hammer or powder paint (color according to RAL) to MDF overlays (color and pattern according to the catalog or according to an individual sketch). The thickness of the metal sheet: 1.5 mm + 2 mm + 3 mm

Examples of patterns for one and a half entrance doors

You can place an order for the manufacture of entrance armored doors by e-mail, viber, messenger. You can also contact our managers by phone: 096-480-85-37, 093-007-85-93, 095-553-97-46

The order formation time is no more than two weeks. Call a measuring consultant to measure the door opening without leaving your home.