MDF entrance doors and composite inserts in Kyiv are doors with a modern style

MDF entrance doors can be ordered from a manufacturer in Kyiv and the region. The bright, aesthetic and durable composite material has already been loved by many designers, and increasingly you can see a composite insert on an armored entrance door as a decoration. You can order warm, strong, reliable construction and modern design MDF entrance doors with a composite insert from us at an affordable price!

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  • ➤Production of any size !!!
  • ➤The frame consists of a profile pipe 50x30, a vestibule 50x50, a canvas 50x30
  • ➤A solid sheet of metal
  • ➤Hinges 2 pcs. on the support bearing d 27 mm
  • ➤Strengthening ribs, which ensure the strength of the door and make it more resistant to breaking
  • ➤Anti-removal pins that go into the grooves of the box, at the same time, make it impossible to remove the door leaf from the hinges
  • ➤To increase the degree of protection, two locks are cut into the entrance door: the upper safe lock and the lower Euro cylinder lock
  • ➤Door finish: MDF panels on both sides of 16 mm (color and pattern according to the catalog or according to the customer’s individual sketch
  • ➤Handle on a rosette (optional), armor plate, armor ring, eyelet, seal
  • ➤The price of the door depends on the selected pattern
  • ➤There is also an additional option for the entrance metal door at the request of the customer - a threshold made of stainless steel welded profile pipe: from UAH 2,000

Entrance door MDF lining and composite insert can say a lot about the preferences of the owner of the apartment, so the external and internal finishing is treated especially carefully. Modern production technologies allow the production of mdf linings with composite inserts for armored entrance doors of various configurations and a huge number of colors. In turn, the panels have good resistance to the action of the atmosphere and are characterized by a long service life. They do not deform and retain their original shape for a long service life. Their stability has been tested by time, therefore, they are relatively inexpensive and have a beautiful design. The outer coating of the composite insert is resistant to scratches and dents.

You can place an order for the manufacture of armored entrance doors with MDF overlays and composite inserts by e-mail, viber, messenger. You can also contact our managers by phone: 096-480-85-37, 093-007-85-93, 095-553-97-46

The order formation time is no more than two weeks.

Call a measuring consultant to measure the door opening without leaving your home.