Marseille sklopaket street composite

Entrance street doors with the best prices from the picker. Wijzd maistra for zamіr and consultation in Kiev and the region. Stainless steel threshold, composite inserts, white frame in the middle.

Kyiv street entrance doors with cladding

Sizes (width x height) 860x2050 / 960x2050 ( +400 UAH)
Color Gray composite + insert black composite/white wood
Overlays * composite cassette 16 mm/MDF 26 mm
Sklopaket slope triplex 4+4 mm + reflex slope 4 mm + tone slope 4 mm
Comradeship metal fabrics * 1.2mm
Tovshchina linen * 96 mm (2 contours)
Napovnennya canvas* mineral wool
Tovshchina box * 100 mm (two pipes 60 * 40 + 60 * 40 mm), there was a frame in the middle
Accessories* 3 ovn_shn_ hinges, anti-splash, handle on rosette, recessed armor plate, thermorozriv on frame (cork 4 mm), eccentric, threshold from stainless steel
CASTLE Upper* Suvaldniy, KALE 257
LOCK Lower* Cylinder KALE 252, CYLINDER KALE
*Vyrobnik reserves the right to make changes in the name and / or design, not worsening with any functional characteristics of the virobu