Marsel street composite

Entrance street doors best prices from the manufacturer. Visit of the master for measurement and consultation in Kyiv and the region. Stainless steel threshold, composite inserts, white frame inside.

Kyiv street front door

Dimensions (width x height) 860x2050 / 960x2050 (+ UAH 300)
Color Gray composite + insert black composite + black molding / white wood
Overlays* composite cassette 16 mm / MDF 26 mm
The thickness of the metal of the canvas* 1.2 mm
Thickness of the canvas* 96 mm (2 contours)
Filling the canvas* Minwata
Box thickness* 100 mm (two pipes 60 * 40 + 60 * 40 mm), white frame inside
Accessories* 3 external hinges, anti-cuts, handle on a rosette, recessed armor plate, thermal break on the frame (plug 4 mm), eccentric, stainless steel threshold
Nizhnii CASTLE* Cylinder KALE 252, KALE CYLINDER
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the names and/or designs without impairing the functional characteristics of the product.