Krona double-glazed window standard street

Entrance metal street doors with overlays and double-glazed windows can be bought inexpensively from a warehouse in Kyiv. There is a wide range of models. Call. Departure of the master for measurement.

Armored door with thermal break

Dimensions (width x height) 870x2050 / 970x2050 (+ UAH 600)
Color Oak bronze PVC-02
Overlays* galvanized steel 1 mm + expanded polystyrene 15 mm/ MDF 12 mm
Thickness of the canvas* 90 mm
Filling the canvas* Minwata
Box thickness* 104 mm (Tubes 60 x 40+ thermal break +60 x 40)
Accessories* 3 external hinges, black handle on the rosette, black square armor plate, THERMAL BREAK on the frame (plug 4mm), stainless steel threshold, Euroseal, LAMINATED LAMINATE
Nizhnii CASTLE* Cylinder — KALE 252 + cylinder KALE