Premium granite apartment

A large selection of entrance metal armored doors. Buy from a warehouse in Kyiv and Olast. Measurement, fast delivery, installation. We will satisfy any of your needs.

Buy front apartment doors in Kyiv

Dimensions (width x height) 860x2050 / 960x2050m
Surcharge for 960x2050 + UAH 200
Color Grey embossed
Inlays* 16/16 mm, decor on 2 sides
The thickness of the metal of the canvas* 1.5 mm
Thickness of the canvas* 86 mm
Filling the canvas* Minwata
Box thickness* 100 mm (Two pipes 60x40+60x40), in gray color
Accessories* 3 external hinges, an eyelet, a handle on a rosette, .
Back bars reinforcement in the frame
VERCHNIY CASTLE* Safe - Type 252 (+ UAH 400 KALE)
Nizhnii CASTLE* Cylindrical - Type 257 (+ UAH 400 KALE 257)