Optima Arch Street

Entrance doors of standard size from a warehouse in Kyiv and the region

Buy entrance doors of standard size in Kyiv

Frame — curved profile
Dimensions (width x height) 860x2040 / 960x2040
Surcharge for 960x2040 + UAH 200
Color Oak bronze PVC-02
Overlays* 16/10 mm decor on both sides
The thickness of the metal of the canvas* 1.2 mm
Thickness of the canvas* 68 mm
Filling the canvas* Minwata
Box thickness* 75 mm (bent profile insulated with mineral wool)
Accessories* 2 external loops at 180◦, anti-cuts, eyelet, handle on Plank
ZAMOK Verkhnyi* Suvaldny Avers 96/S6 (or analogue)
Nizhnii CASTLE* Cylindrical “Apecs2800” (or similar)